My flower girl princess

A co-worker of mine got married last week and Miss L was her flower girl. SHe decided to give herself a bob, the day before. Luckily, she pulled it off well.

The boys are doing great too.. they are all in a new preschool that they love, and I love too.
Work has kept me really busy, but I did get to take a trip to NY for my best friend's wedding in June. It was my first trip away from the kids, ever.. and I think it was a good thing for everyone.

I'll try to get some more pictures up soon..


Beach Day

My posting is sparse these days, as I have taken a new position at the golf course and am working lots of long hours. Amazing how things change. Now when I do actually have a day off, I try to make the most of every minute. I recently took the kids (all by myself) to Ft Desoto Beach and we had an amazing day. The kids were good, there were hardly any other people around, and it was a beautiful day at the beach.


Picture Update


Touch A Truck

This past weekend my babies turned 3.. amazing how fast the time goes. The older I get, the faster it goes. I blinked, and my 4 lb babies that used to do nothing but eat, sleep and poop and now climbing, jumping, running, escaping, screaming, singing, painting, and generally wreaking havoc on the universe on a daily basis. It's amazing.
The day of the birthday was a lot of fun, as we took them to the "Touch a Truck" event in downtown Orlando.. we were lucky to have the kids cousins and aunt K with us so we had plenty of helping hands. The boys were in their glory, loving sitting behind the wheels of garbage trucks, SWAT vehicles, ambulances and fire engines. Lily was a little less impressed, but still enjoyed herself.

Cameron's favorite, the fire truck:

Ben jumped right in this sanitation truck, BLASTED the radio and started jamming out.

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Birthday Party!

We had the kids' third birthday/Halloween party this past weekend.. I am still recovering:) I did a pretty good job of leaving everything for the last possible minute, so it was a very hectic day. I got up early and started running around town picking things up, and pretty much rushed around all day until the guests started arriving! It was a Sesame Street/Halloween theme party, and the special surprise guest was "Spooky Elmo".. I'd say he was a hit! It was so cute to see all the kids giving Elmo hugs. We had three sets of twins, two sets of triplets, and 2 singletons at the party.. it was definitely a full house:)
Princess Lily was a bit of a hippy, refusing to wear shoes or her princess crown. When it was time to have cake, she just grabbed her personal mini cake with her bare hands and took off with it.. who needs utensils, right?
I forgot a lot of things.. like, the cheese and crackers, the halloween-shaped P B &J's.... and to have the kids do the pinata.. but the one aspect that came out perfectly were the cakes and cupcakes. The weren't my mom's, but they were still pretty awesome. They coordinated perfectly with the invitations.

Our attempt at a group picture... sad, I know.

Ben in his Lightning McQueen Pit crew outfit:

It's going to be a long.. I mean, wonderful, week for me and the kids since Ploy is on vacation, and I am off too. These pictures are actually all photos taken by other people, because I lent her my camera before downloading the photos I had taken. I'll post my own pictures from the party when she gets back!
Halloween itself was a great night as well- we went to Celebration for trick or treating and it was so nice and relaxed! The kids did great and LOVED getting candy. I have some really cute pictures of them together in their costumes, but you'll have to wait to see those. Hope you had a great Halloween.. it will be Christmas now before we know it:)


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Update Update

Been a while since I updated! I am creatively spent at the moment, so I can't even come up with a witty post title. The past few weeks have been extremely busy with work, the kids have been seriously keeping me on my toes, and I have had lots of fun little things going to in between all of that as well. This weekend I hosted a baby shower for one of my best friends in the world, and it came together really nicely, despite my major last-minute accomplishments:) The theme was "storybooks", so all the food coordinated with some kind of childrens' book, and all the guests were asked to bring their favorite kids' book, and sign the inside cover instead of bringing a card. I loved that idea! She got so many great books!

In leiu of cheesy shower games, we did a diaper raffle (each guest that brought a package of diapers was entered into a drawing for a prize- I got a starbucks card, and an itunes giftcard to give out), and we did the "timer" game: as she opened her gifts, I set a kitchen timer for a random number of minutes, and whoever gave the gift that she was opening when it went off got a prize.

How beautiful are these cakes?

The food: I can take almost no credit here, I delegated this task to C's other friends who were awesome enough to help out. Ok, I did the carrots and ranch, but that's it.
Purple Crayon cookies: Harold and the Purple Crayon
Meatballs: Cloudy with A Chance of Meatballs
Carrots and Dip: Peter Rabbit
Green eggs and Ham sanwiches: Green Eggs and Ham

Chocolate Chip Cookies: If you Give A Mouse A Cookie
Pigs in Blankets: Olivia
Carrot Cake: Pat-A-Cake Bunny

They all did an amazing job! I think this would actually make a pretty good kids party theme too!

In other news- the kids are nuts. The threes are officially WAY harder than the twos (I can already tell they will be). Attitudes are forming and we are doing lots of time outs for... the "fresh mouth" as my parents called it. When they are good, they are very good, and when they are bad, they are terrible. But when they are outside playing on the playground, they are always happy:)

I have to show off Daddy's pumpkin carving ability. Check out Mater!

Our good friends, the Adams boys, just celebrated their third bithday this weekend... I went tpo the party briefly, but had to leave since I was hosting the baby shower, er, simultaneously:) It appears that Daddy and Ploy did a great job, and the kids had a blast! The only problem is that they wake up every day now asking for birthday cake:)

In other news, I have decided to give up my role as co-author of Multiples and More. While I loved being a part of it, I just can't justify the amount of time I spent working on it, and really am not able to give it the time it needs. I'd really rather spend that time sleeping, or working out:)
I took a little hiatus from my training and fundraising, but now I think I can get focused again. Although, there is a little matter of our third birthday/Halloween party that is coming up in a couple weeks, and I am so excited about that! I have some big plans and lots more to do!
Hope you had a great weekend!

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You win some, you lose some..

sorry kids...

the forbidden playground:

..a phrase I've uttered far too many times in the past three years. It certainly applied to our "family day" the other day.
The plan was to get pumpkins, take some pictures, get some lunch in downtown celebration, and then take the kids to the playground there. The weather has actually been beautiful, and it's actually beginning to feel a little fall-like here.

Part one went off well enough. We got a pumpkin for everyone, and the kids loved running around the pumpkin patch.
Part two, lunch, didn't go so well. Just as we were finishing up, Ben decided to leave his meal at the restaurant after all. He really wasn't sick, but seems to just have a sensitive gag reflex if he coughs/chokes on something. Just picture sitting in a booth with diners all around you, while your child spews all over you, the table and the floor. Yeah, it was pretty sweet. I'll spare you further details.
We got everyone cleaned up (or so we thought), and since Ben seemed fine, we figured we would give the playground a go. This is a place we go regularly, although I hadn't been to the playground in a while. I was excited to see a state of the art, brand new playground had been built since the last time we had been by- and it was completely fenced in and closed off to anyone who wasn't a resident of the community. This is just wrong because it's right in the middle of a town that invites tourists in to shop, dine and spend their the money- why close off your playground? Grr. Instead of playing on the pristine playground in the crisp fall air, we rode home in our vomit-scented minivan, in a half-dejected silence.
At least we got some pumpkins:)


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